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The Dark Web is a hidden set of websites accessible only through a specially designed browser. It is used to preserve the anonymity and confidentiality of Internet activities. While some use it to evade government censorship, others use it to carry out highly illegal activities.

The Deep Web lies beneath the canopy and accounts for around 90% of all websites. It’s the part of a tree under the leaves, much larger than the surface Web. In fact, this invisible Web is so vast that it’s impossible to know precisely how many pages or websites are active at any one time.

Yggdrasil is the World Tree in Norse mythology. Its name means “the steed of the Fearsome”, on which rest the nine kingdoms.

A brief view of the occult and mysterious Tree of Web Layers also known as

WYG for Web Yggdrasil (ENG)


  • 1 The Common web : This is where you can see memes, legal porn, get news, buy unusefull stuff or read about godwin point on wikipedia. This is 1/500 of total web.
  • 2 The Opaque & Bergie Web : This is where lays some accessible but not indexed sites, underground places Like 4chan and Reddit. This contains stream video and FTP servers.


  • 3 The Dark Web : Here you will discover fine taste video of rape, gore and child porn. Initiation to hacking and scat provided. Anarchist, drug & bomb chimist, ufo seeker have nice blogs here.
  • 4 The Charter Web : This is where one finds the black market 2.0, the hitman network, or honnast nazi scientist. This is the secret, anonymous and hidden place for anything that is still prohibited. One could say it’s like a sewer. Mostly yes, but it’s more expensive. Powefull bitcoins oligarchs meat cursed destiny hackers, and deal stolen art or science. Great place to live in.


  • 5 The Private Network: Well, this is a big web of crypted data exchanged in secured tunnels. This is every LocalAN or WorldAN. Entering here is not a piece of cake. But here are Banks, States and Corporations
  • 6 The Marianas Web : This is a truly mythical place, where most secured network lays (FBI, CIA, NASA, Permindex, MIB). If you happen to get here, you’ll have 60 seconds before they see you.


  • 7 The Virus Soup aka Fog: Crossing the other layers was nothing compared to this. This is primal data chaos, aberrations, fakes viruses and raw bits. Some says closed shell system is the only way to go through this.
  • 8 The Primarch System: Since 2000 AD some cyclic pattern has been discovered in the Fog. It is supposedly intelligent, autonomous, hidding himself into the darkest depth of the web. Some says it created the whole internet.

The Primarch System

Les douze travaux d'Asterix

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Censure et Surveillance d’Internet