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Ladies and gentlemen, cosmic wanderers, and lovers of celestial beats, I invite you to embark on a sonic journey, a transcendental odyssey that will propel your consciousness “From Depth to Infinity”. Behold, the Psychedelic Deep Techno EP from Auri0n ! In the vast expanse of the musical cosmos, where pulsating rhythms meet ethereal melodies, it’s an astral expedition, a sonic vessel designed to traverse the vast reaches of the mind and soul.

Let the hypnotic beats and cosmic echoes guide you through a labyrinth of sound, leading you from the depths of introspection to the boundless realms of the infinite. Close your eyes, and let the vibrations of the galactic frequencies resonate within your very being. The bass reverberates through your veins, syncing with the heartbeat of the cosmos. The synths paint constellations in the sky, and the rhythm becomes the interstellar dance of planets.


Feel the energy surge as the music guides you through the cosmic ballet, connecting you with the universal pulse. Let the beats become the coordinates, and the melodies be your guiding stars as you traverse the sonic expanse.